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Coronavirus update

As a result of reduced demand for travel and staff shortages, most bus companies are running reduced timetables from 23 March. You can find the latest updates at getdown.org.uk/bus/corona, and I will do my best to keep it up-to-date with news as it comes in, but if you have any specific questions then please contact the relevant bus company.

Most operators are now allowing passengers to use ENCTS passes at any time.

You can reduce the risk of spreading infection by using contactless payment rather than cash wherever possible. Stay safe.

Summer service

This service has now finished for Summer 2019. Due to the current situation, services are not expected to run during Summer 2020.


Sunday & BH A Su
PRESTON Bus Station 0820 --
Lancaster University 0850 --
LANCASTER Bus Station 0910 --
Caton War Memorial 0922 --
Hornby Lambs Grange 0930 --
Wennington Station (station) 0938 --
High Bentham Conservative Club (station, 400m) 0945 --
INGLETON Community Centre 1005 --
White Scar Caves 1009 --
Chapel le Dale Hill Inn 1013 --
Ribblehead Station Inn (station) 1030 --
Far Gearstones 1035 --
Snaizeholme Lane End 1045 --
HAWES Market Place 1053 1640
HAWES Dales Museum 1100 |
Muker Farmer's Arms 1122 1702
Gunnerside Bridge 1130 1710
Reeth Village Green 1145 1725
Grinton Bridge Inn 1148 1728
RICHMOND Market Place 1215 1750
Leyburn Market Place 1240 |
DARLINGTON Station (station) -- 1817
Stockton High Street * -- 1846
MIDDLESBROUGH Bus Station * -- 1900


Sunday & BH Su
MIDDLESBROUGH Bus Station 0920 --
Stockton High Street 0932 --
DARLINGTON Station (station) 1002 --
Leyburn Market Place | 1615
RICHMOND Market Place 1030 1650
Grinton Bridge Inn 1051 1711
Reeth Village Green 1055 1715
Gunnerside Bridge 1110 1730
Muker Farmer's Arms 1122 1740
Keld Tan Hill Road End 1131 |
HAWES Market Place 1205 1810
Snaizeholme Lane End -- 1816
Far Gearstones -- 1826
Ribblehead Station Inn (station) -- 1830
Chapel le Dale Hill Inn -- 1834
White Scar Caves -- 1839
Ingleton Community Centre -- 1845
High Bentham Conservative Club (station, 400m) -- 1854
Wennington Station (station) -- 1902
Hornby Royal Oak -- 1910
Caton War Memorial -- 1918
LANCASTER Bus Station -- 1930
Lancaster University * -- 1940
PRESTON Bus Station * -- 2020

This service is operated by Arriva North East and Preston Bus, on behalf of Yorkshire Dales National Park. These buses run on Sunday and bank holidays only from 19 May to 20 October 2019

ENCTS free passes are not valid on this service. Discounted fares are available for pass-holders.

This service is part of the Dalesbus network

Buses to/from Preston are run by Preston Bus
Buses to/from Middlesbrough are run by Arriva North East

For the main Sunday service between Leyburn and Hawes, see 856 (via Aysgarth)

For additional summer Sunday services between Leyburn, Richmond and Hawes, see 857 (via Askrigg and Castle Bolton)

waits at Ribblehead for 10 minutes to connect with trains
continues beyond Lancaster or Darlington to set-down only
Sunday only

For regular daily services between Middlesbrough and Darlington, see X66

For regular daily services between Darlington and Richmond, see X26 and X27

For services from Richmond to Reeth, Gunnerside and other villages in Swaledale on Monday to Saturday, see 30

For services between Lancaster and Ingleton on Monday to Saturday, see 80 and 582

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